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Mon. Sep 9th 2013
Troop 30949 visits the station.

On Monday, September 9th members of Troop 30949 stopped by the station with boxes of girl scout cookies. The girls and their ...

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Wed. May 1st 2013

Due to the extreme dry conditions Essex Town has posted a no Burn Notice for all outdoor fires until there is a significant a...

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Wed. Feb 6th 2013
Hazmat Operation Course

Our department does more then just fight fires, respond to car accidents and respond to Medical calls throughout the communit...

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We are a Paid-on-Call Department which covers the Village of Essex Junction. We Offer Fire Protection and Rescue services for our community

We work with Essex Town Fire Department and Essex Rescue to Provide the whole Town of Essex with Fire, Rescue and EMS services!



Summer Time Fun!!

 Lets Stay safe this Summer,

Summer time means a lot of things to each and everyone of us. First and foremost it means we are all likely back outside enjoying the three months of the year were we can pretend we are like Florida. We can play golf, Ride a motorcycle, take out the boat, start up the barbecue grill and just enjoy the beauty that is all around us. The Essex Junction Fire Department wants you to get out their and enjoy the weather But Summer time usually comes with an uptick in calls. (Look through our call volume for the past couple of years) So here are the common items we se during the Summer time. So as you try to pack the 12 months of fun in the Sun into these three short months please remember the next few items.

Unlike winter, when we see a large amount of car crashes due to the slippery weather, during the summer we see fewer accidents but usually more severe accidents. Summer times usually means better road conditions and because of this faster speeds. Also it isn't just because of Drinking, though sadly even today that plays out to often, a lot of times what we find are distracted drivers, talking on the phone, playing music to loud or to involved in other matters inside the car to notice what is going on outside the car. Also sadly we see a lot more cases of people falling asleep at the wheel. This is usually a younger generation problem. They  aren't in school so the kids are out later and they are driving longer distances then they usually would to get back and forth. This combination can tire anyone out, but on top of that our younger community members likely did all of this after going to a sporting event, concert, an all day boat ride in the sun or all the above. Also many adults will attempt to "burn both ends of the candle" during the Summer, please take the time you need to rest between all the fun.

The SUN! The glorious Sun after many months of it hiding behind the clouds we forget just how much damage the sun can do. Our First Response will see an increase in heat related injuries as we move through the Summer. Many times related to not enough water, food or both and a lot more activity. Before you go to the park, go on a hike, or play a round of Golf  remember to bring the water bottle and snacks to get you through the day. The last thing you want is your fun in the sun to turn into a ride with the guys and girls at Essex Rescue to Fletcher Allen. Also with the heat comes a greater use of power supply and running of fans. Remember fans are powered by little motors which when running for a long time will start to over heat. Please be careful when running them for a long period of time and please pay attention to what they are near. Also do not over load your wall outlets. You think it was hot outside, temperatures caused by a structure fire can reach 2000 degrees.

Lastly we need to be careful about our outside cooking. And making sure we are doing this carefully and respectfully for our neighbors. You are allowed out door cooking fires along with your general purpose gas grills, but we can tell the difference between a cooking fire and a bon fire that has hot dogs sitting next to it. Placement of your grill is important, do not emplace it under a over hang or up against siding. If the grill gets a substantial grease fire going or if the constant heating and drying from the grill catches could catch the siding on fire. If at any time you have an exterior fire on your house CALL the Fire Department. Even if you think or are able to put it out CALL the Fire Department. Fire can burn in void spaces and each minute we aren't on the road and between you noticing the fire could be devastating. A resident lost their home a few years ago with a grilling accident from the siding catching fire. 

Now go have Fun! Because as always in Vermont Winter is right around the corner.


Recent Calls

Sun. May 11th 2014
Busy Night and Morning Ends with a Brush Fire

At 11:26hrs, the Essex Junction Fire Department was called upon again to respond, this time to a brush fire at Maple Street p...

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Sun. May 11th 2014
Crews Find Multiple Vehicles on Fire in Essex Town

At 03:16hrs, the Essex Town and Essex Junction Fire Departments were requested to respond to the area of 8 Colonel Page Road ...

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Sat. May 10th 2014
Structure Fire in Essex Junction

At 20:52hrs, the Essex Junction and Essex Town Fire Departments were requested to respond to 16 Loubier Drive in Essex Juncti...

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